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About Salon Mobility Plus LLC

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Salon Mobility Plus is a virtual clinic for men and women for hair loss control and holistic family health support. After over 20 years in business, Salon Mobility re-established itself during the pandemic in 2020.

Currently we’re offering free hair loss control consultations with products purchase, and a Master Iridology Eye Exam with 50% off your results Report, PLUS a personal and trusted Licensed/Certified Practitioner with over 25 years of experience.

Our method of support meets hair Loss in a modern and naturopathic way with non-Surgical hair recovery techniques to balance the body for internal and external support. Moreover, we take the time to continuously advise our clients with proper information about everything, from beauty to health care.

We also offer low-light laser therapy as an advanced method for hair loss recovery it’s FDA-approved and a Home Treatment.

When Combined with the Professional Decca Plus Products System, A Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Holistic Health Practioner, and Hair Loss Control Specialist rest assured to get the support you deserve! Schedule your appointment today!


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Hair Loss

Hair loss

Hair Loss:  Alopecia
is a form of Hair Loss for Women or Men temporary or permanent; through genetics, hormonal, personal, aging, or medical conditions.

Damage Hair

Damage Hair: dull, dry, split ends falls when brushing or combing easy to break.

Breakage Hair

Hair Breakage: Usually seen at the roots, hair loss over a 100 strands daily for long periods of time by comb, brush, ECT. Causes stems from multiple reasons.

Shedding Hair

Hair Shedding: usually long strands of hair breaking excessively through the hair strands to the ends.

Master Iridology


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